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DP Platform terminology

Following is a set of terms that are relevant to understanding DataPlane.

DP Platform or Platform
The core platform that runs one or more DP Apps.
DP Apps
The set of apps that are available with DataPlane. These apps runs on the platform host, and in some cases (depending on the app) have a corresponding agent that also needs to be installed in-cluster. Each app also has a set of cluster requirements to support the app features.

Example: Data Lifecycle Manager (DLM) or Data Steward Studio (DSS)

The agent that runs in cluster in support of a DP App.

Example: DLM Engine (used with the DLM App)

A Hortonworks Data Platform or Hortonworks DataFlow cluster that is registered with a DP instance, and then used with an app.

This cluster can be running on-premise in your data center or in a cloud environment

DP instance
A deployment of a DataPlane instance. This is where the platform and the apps run, usually on a single host as Docker containers.
Apache Knox
Provides a single-point access point for authentication and proxy of services. Knox is used under-the-hood in your DP instance to handle authentication to DP. Knox is also used in your clusters to handle Single Sign-On (SSO) and (in some cases) act as a cluster API proxy gateway.
LDAP or Active Directory (AD) is used at the authentication source for DP and your clusters.