Knox Gateway Administration Guide
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1. Apache Knox Gateway Overview
Knox Gateway Deployment Architecture
Supported Hadoop Services
2. Configuring the Knox Gateway
Create and Secure the Gateway Directories
Customize the Gateway Port and Path
Manage the Master Secret
Manually Redeploy Cluster Topologies
Manually Start and Stop Apache Knox
3. Defining Cluster Topologies
4. Configuring the Knox Topology to Connect to Hadoop Cluster Services
Setting up Hadoop Service URLs
Example Service Definitions
Validating Service Connectivity
5. Mapping the Internal Nodes to External URLs
Setting Up a Hostmap Provider
Example of an EC2 Hostmap Provider
Example of Sandbox Hostmap Provider
Enabling Hostmap Debugging
6. Configuring Authentication
Setting Up LDAP Authentication
Example of an Active Directory Configuration
Example of an OpenLDAP Configuration
Testing an LDAP Provider
Setting Up HTTP Header Authentication for Federation_SSO
Example of SiteMinder Configuration
Testing HTTP Header Tokens
7. Configuring Identity Assertion
Structure of the Identity-Assertion Provider
Define Pseudo Identity Assertion
Mapping Authenticated User to Cluster
Example User Mapping
Mapping Authenticated Users to Groups
Configuring Group Mapping
Examples of Group Mapping
8. Configuring Service Level Authorization
Setting Up an Authorization Provider
Examples of Authorization
9. Audit Gateway Activity
Audit Log Fields
Change Roll Frequency of the Audit Log
10. Gateway Security
Implementing Web Application Security
Configuring Protection Filter Against Cross Site Request Forgery Attacks
Validate CSRF Filtering
Configuring Knox With a Secured Hadoop Cluster
Configure Wire Encryption
Self-Signed Certificate with Specific Hostname for Evaluations
CA-Signed Certificates for Production
Setting Up Trust for the Knox Gateway Clients
11. Setting Up Knox for WebHDFS HA
Configure WebHDFS for Knox
Configure Knox for WebHDFS HA
12. About Hortonworks Data Platform