HDFS Administration
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1. Accidental Deletion Protection
Preventing Accidental Deletion of Files
2. ACLs on HDFS
Configuring ACLs on HDFS
Using CLI Commands to Create and List ACLs
ACL Examples
ACLS on HDFS Features
Use Cases for ACLs on HDFS
3. Archival Storage
HDFS Storage Types
Storage Policies: Hot, Warm, and Cold
Configuring Archival Storage
4. Backing Up HDFS Metadata
Introduction to HDFS Metadata Files and Directories
Files and Directories
HDFS Commands
Backing Up HDFS Metadata
Get Ready to Backup the HDFS Metadata
Perform a Backup of the HDFS Metadata
5. Balancing in HDFS
Overview of the HDFS Balancer
Why HDFS Data Becomes Unbalanced
Configurations and CLI Options
Configuring the Balancer
Using the Balancer CLI Commands
Recommended Configurations
Cluster Balancing Algorithm
Step 1: Storage Group Classification
Step 2: Storage Group Pairing
Step 3: Block Move Scheduling
Step 4: Block Move Execution
Exit Status
6. Centralized Cache Management in HDFS
Caching Use Cases
Caching Architecture
Caching Terminology
Configuring Centralized Caching
Using Cache Pools and Directives
7. Configuring HDFS Compression
8. Configuring Rack Awareness On HDP
Create a Rack Topology Script
Add the Topology Script Property to core-site.xml
Restart HDFS and MapReduce
Verify Rack Awareness
9. Customizing HDFS
Customize the HDFS Home Directory
Set the Size of the NameNode Edits Directory
10. G1GC Garbage Collector Configuration (Technical Preview)
Recommended Settings for G1GC
Configuration Settings for G1GC
11. Hadoop Archives
Hadoop Archive Components
Creating a Hadoop Archive
Looking Up Files in Hadoop Archives
Hadoop Archives and MapReduce
12. HDFS DataNode Monitoring
Disk IO Statistics
Slow DataNode Detection
13. JMX Metrics APIs for HDFS Daemons
14. Memory as Storage (Technical Preview)
HDFS Storage Types
The LAZY_PERSIST Memory Storage Policy
Configuring Memory as Storage
15. Running DataNodes as Non-Root
Configuring DataNode SASL
16. Short Circuit Local Reads On HDFS
Configuring Short-Circuit Local Reads on HDFS
17. WebHDFS Administrator Guide