Using Apache Phoenix to store and access data
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Phoenix repair tool

Apache Phoenix depends on the SYSTEM.CATALOG table for metadata information, such as table structure and index location, to function correctly. Use the Phoenix repair tool to validate the data integrity of the SYSTEM.CATALOG table.


The Phoenix repair tool of HDP is a technical preview and considered under development. Do not use this feature in your production systems. If you have questions regarding this feature, contact Support by logging a case on the Hortonworks Support Portal.

If a Phoenix client is not functioning as expected and throwing exceptions such as ArrayIndexOutOfBound or TableNotFound, this tool can help identify the problem and fix it.

The repair tool is designed to flag issues that are flagrant trouble spots and to fix SYSTEM.CATALOG problems in a way that does not radically affect your Phoenix system. The tool prompts you to confirm changes before the SYSTEM.CATALOG table is modified.

Do not use the Phoenix repair tool for an upgrade. The tool is designed to function ony with the current version of the system catalog and to use the HBase API directly.