SmartSense Administration Guide
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SmartSense Gateway to Hortonworks

Hortonworks does not initiate communications to the SmartSense Gateway, all communication is initiated by the SmartSense Gateway to Hortonworks. For this interaction, the following ports are used:

Source ComponentDestination Component Destination Port Purpose

Upon bundle capture completion, the HST Server will use the Two-Way SSL communication channel to securely stream the bundle file to the SmartSense Gateway. Once this process has started, the SmartSense Gateway opens up a secure communication to Hortonworks using the SFTP port to upload the bundle.

There are two options to use when configuring the communication between the SmartSense Gateway and Hortonworks:

  • Allow firewall access from the Gateway to a CNAME using port 2222. The Hortonworks SFTP servers utilizes Elastic Load Balancing from Amazon Web Services. The CNAME is recommended as the number of instances, and IP’s of instances used by the load balancer are fluid. Using the CNAME provides the greatest availability.

  • Allow firewall access from the Gateway to a pair of static IP’s using port 2222. These IP’s will not change, and use DNS Round Robin for load balancing. These is the least preferred option as instances availability is not quickly updated in DNS and using the CNAME will provide the greatest availability.

Details for both options are available here: