Back up Your Configuration

The Cloudera Cybersecurity Platform (CCP) upgrade uses the default configuration for the new Metron version. If you made any changes to the Metron configuration in the previous version, you must back up your old configuration so you can incorporate those changes into the new Metron configuration. You will also need to re-enter values for the Metron properties in Ambari.

  1. Create a backup directory.
  2. Back up your configuration information in ZooKeeper to your backup directory:
    ${METRON_HOME}/bin/ -m DUMP -z $ZOOKEEPER > 
  3. Back up the following property files in the $METRON_HOME/config directory to your backup directory:
    For example:
  4. Copy the zookeeper directory to your backup directory:
    cp -R zookeeper/ /$HCP_BACKUP_DIRECTORY/zookeeper
  5. Back up your Metron configuration.
    The easiest way to do this is to take a screenshot of each of the Metron configuration pages that you modifed in Ambari. At a minimum, take a screen shot of the following configuration pages:
    • Index Settings
    • Parsers
    • REST