Stop All Metron Services

You need to stop all Metron services prior to uninstalling Metron.

  1. Stop all Metron services in Ambari.
    Stop each Metron service in the following order:
    • Metron Alerts UI
    • Metron Management UI
    • Metron REST
  2. Stop Storm:
    1. From the Storm node, list all of the Storm topologies that are currently running:
      storm list
    2. Kill each of the running Storm topologies in the following order:
      • all parsers such as bro and snort
      • enrichment
      • indexing
      • profiler
      storm kill bro
    3. Return to the Storm UI and verify that all topologies are killed.
    4. In Ambari, stop Storm by selecting Storm and clicking Stop All in the Actions menu.
  3. Ensure that the UIs are shut down.
    If the Metron Alerts Ui or Metron Management UI status in Ambari is "running," shut down the UIs by entering the following from $METRON_HOME/var/log/metron/metron:
    service metron-alerts-ui status
    service metron-alerts-ui stop
    service metron-management-ui status
    service metron-management-ui stop