Troubleshooting Your Installation

If you encounter errors or issues during your Cloudera Cybersecurity Platform (CCP) installation, you can uninstall your installation.

Uninstalling your Metron installation
You can follow the uninstallation steps in Upgrade Metron to uninstall your Metron installation.
If Ambari does not allow you to uninstall after you have stopped all of the Metron services and the Storm topologies, perform the following from any node that has access to Ambari and has curl installed:
curl -u $USERNAME:$PASSWORD -H "X-Requested-By: ambari" -X DELETE 
If you don't know the name of your Ambari host, choose Manage Ambari from the admin menu on the Ambari Dashboard tab. The name of your cluster is displayed in the Clusters section. If you cannot see the entire cluster name, click the icon to rename your cluster and the entire cluster name will display. Click x to dismiss the rename field without renaming your cluster.