Describes how to set up and use profiles, models, Zeppelin, and statistical and mathematical functions to analyze sensor data.

Creating Profiles
Provides instructions for installing, configuring, and using the Profiler plus guidelines for defining the Profiler properties, examples, and methods for accessing the profiler to use for model scoring.
Creating Models
Provides instructions for interacting and utilizing models using the YARN application, a CLI deployment client, a Java client, and a series of Stellar functions.
Analyzing Enriched Data Using Apache Zeppelin
Provides instruction to set up and use Apache Zeppelin to analyze enriched telemetry data.
Creating Runbooks Using Apache Zeppelin
Provides instructions on creating Zeppelin runbooks to recreate investigations for security operations analysts.
Analyzing Data Using Statistical and Mathematical Functions
Provides instructions on using Stellar to perform statistical and mathematical functions in a scalable way to analyze sensor data.