Back up Your Configuration

The Cloudera Cybersecurity Platform (CCP) upgrade uses the default configuration for the new Metron version. If you made any changes to the Metron configuration in the previous version, you must back up your old configuration so you can incorporate those changes into the new Metron configuration. A convenience script has been provided to automatically extract and insert your Metron Ambari configuration.

You do not need to back up the CCP data residing in HBase, Hive, Elasticsearch, and Solr. Existing HCP processed data residing in HBase, HDFS, Hive, Elasticsearch, and Solr remains untouched during the cluster ugrade and is reconnected with CCP after you add back your configuration parameters.
  1. Login to the node on which Ambari is installed.
  2. Create an upgrade directory:
    mkdir /<HCP200_UPGRADE>
  3. Navigate to the upgrade directory:
    cd /<HCP200_UPGRADE>
  4. Create a folder for your Metron configuration in the upgrade directory:
    mkdir metron-config
  5. Copy your Metron configuration from the host on which Metron was installed into the Metron configuration directory you created in the previous step:
    scp -rp <INSTALLED_METRON_HOSTNAME>:/usr/hcp/current/metron/config/<file_name> metron-config/
    Be sure to copy the following property files:
  6. Copy the Metron defaults script from the host on which Metron was installed to the /etc/defaults folder:
    Make sure the account you are logged into has access to run ssh.
    scp <INSTALLED_METRON_HOSTNAME>:/etc/default/metron .
    source etc/default/metron
    mkdir -p $METRON_HOME/bin
  7. Take note of the installed cluster name displayed by Ambari.
  8. Run the script from the HCP200-Update folder to back up your Ambari configurations related to Metron and your Metron ZooKeeper configuration files and put them into a local directory called metron-backup.
    $METRON_HOME/bin/ backup <ambari address> <ambari admin username> <ambari admin password> <cluster_name>
    If the credentials or cluster is not correct, you will see the following error message:
    Unable to get cluster detail from Ambari. Check your username, password, and cluster name. Skipping.
  9. Ensure that the metron-backup folder contains your Metron and ZooKeeper configuration:
    ls -l
    You should see at least the following:
  10. If you created custom components in Metron, copy the contents of /usr/hcp/current/metron/parser_contrib to the metron-backup folder:
    scp -rp <INSTALLED_METRON_HOSTNAME>:/usr/hcp/current/metron/parser_contrib/ parser_contrib
  11. Confirm that the parser_contrib information was copied correctly:
    ls -l parser_contrib/
    You should see a list of your custom jars.