Known Differences Between CCP 2.0.1 and HCP 2.0.0

The following bugs identify known differences between CCP 2.0.1 and CCP 2.0.0.

Table 1. Known Differences Between CCP 2.0.1 and CCP 2.0.0
Feature Description
METRON-2302 [UI] Change the default polling interval for Alerts UI to longer time
METRON-2295 [UI] Displaying "No Data" message in the Alerts UI screen
METRON-2294 [UI] Fixing Stale mode issue in Alert UI Manual Query Mode
METRON-2291 [UI] Fixing and rephrasing warning messages on Alerts UI
METRON-2305 Unable to Add Enrichment Coprocessor with Kerberos
METRON-2303 Change Default HDFS Port for Batch Profiler
METRON-2233 Deprecate CentOS 6 Development Environment
METRON-2232 Upgrade to Hadoop 3.1.1
METRON-2301 Building Against Wrong Storm Flux Version
METRON-2222 Remove Overrides for Storm 1.0.x
METRON-2300 Fix Brad Kolarov's Apache ID
METRON-2280 PCAP queries no longer work
METRON-2297 Enrichment Topology Unable to Load Geo IP Data from HDFS
METRON-2298 'User Base DN' Missing from Security Configuration
METRON-2259 [UI] Hide Resolved and Hide Dismissed toggles not works when filtering is in manual mode
METRON-2278 "Metron on CentOS 6" Documentation is outdated
METRON-2279 Unable to Index to Solr with Kerberos