Known Differences Between CCP 2.0.1 and Apache Metron 0.7.1

The following bugs identify the known differences between CCP 2.0.1 and Apache Metron 0.7.1.

Table 1. Known Differences Between CCP 2.0.1 and Apache Metron 0.7.1
Feature Description
METRON-2302 [UI] Change the default polling interval for Alerts UI to longer time
METRON-2295 [UI] Displaying "No Data" message in the Alerts UI screen
METRON-2294 [UI] Fixing Stale mode issue in Alert UI Manual Query Mode
METRON-2291 [UI] Fixing and rephrasing warning messages on Alerts UI
METRON-2305 Unable to Add Enrichment Coprocessor with Kerberos
METRON-2303 Change Default HDFS Port for Batch Profiler
METRON-2233 Deprecate CentOS 6 Development Environment
METRON-2232 Upgrade to Hadoop 3.1.1
METRON-2301 Building Against Wrong Storm Flux Version
METRON-2222 Remove Overrides for Storm 1.0.x
METRON-2300 Fix Brad Kolarov's Apache ID
METRON-2280 PCAP queries no longer work
METRON-2297 Enrichment Topology Unable to Load Geo IP Data from HDFS
METRON-2298 'User Base DN' Missing from Security Configuration
METRON-2259 [UI] Hide Resolved and Hide Dismissed toggles not works when filtering is in manual mode
METRON-2278 "Metron on CentOS 6" Documentation is outdated
METRON-2279 Unable to Index to Solr with Kerberos
METRON-2275 Solr Indexing Topology Fails to Start on Secure Cluster with HDP 3.1
METRON-2274 Flatfile loader and summarizer mapreduce mode broken
METRON-2272 [UI] Performance: Switching manual filtering on and off multiple times leads slow typing
METRON-2190 [UI] Alerts UI: Indicating loading and preventing parallel requests
METRON-2265 Update Kerberos settings
METRON-2271 Reorganize Travis Build
METRON-2266 REST debug instructions
METRON-2264 Upgrade metron-hbase-client to HBase 2.0.2
METRON-2235 Increase server startup timeout
METRON-2261 Isolate Curator Dependencies
METRON-2257 Metron-Alerts GUI testing failing on MacOS builds
METRON-2250 Missing services in HDP 3.1 metron mpack and installer stuck
METRON-2247 rpm-docker: Provide an option to bypass running rpmlint
METRON-2254 Intermittent Test Failure in RestFunctionsIntegrationTest
METRON-2188 Upgrade to HBase 2.0.2
METRON-2252 PcapTopologyIntegrationTest Intermittent Failures
METRON-2211 [UI] Alerts UI should optionally render timestamp in local time
METRON-2248 Merge Master into Feature Branch
METRON-2217 Migrate current HBase client from HTableInterface to Table
METRON-2231 Revert METRON-2175, METRON-2176, METRON-2177 in HDP 3.1 upgrade feature branch
METRON-2241 Profiler Integration Test Fails After Storm 1.2.1 Upgrade
METRON-2201 The description for the IS_IP method default behavior needs to corrected as per implementation
METRON-2227 Increase Kafka test harness timeout
METRON-2221 Notebook import fails through Zeppelin REST API
METRON-2243 [UI] Update npm dependencies to resolve audit warnings
METRON-2199 [UI] Add ability to turn off query building in Alerts UI search input
METRON-2238 Streaming enrichments regression
METRON-2225 Upgrade to Solr 7.4.0
METRON-2169 Upgrade to Kafka 2.0.0 and Storm 1.2.1
METRON-2149 Shaded jar classifier is not consistent
METRON-2224 Upgrade to Zeppelin 0.8.0
METRON-2179 [UI] Make navigation in both UIs consistent
METRON-2212 Add debugging developer docs to hbase-server README
METRON-2076 Fixed up flakey stellar timezone test
METRON-614 Eliminate use of the default Charset
METRON-614 Eliminate use of the default Charset
METRON-2205 Cease querying on filter or time-range change
METRON-2177 Upgrade Profiler for HBase 2.0.2
METRON-2195 Add defensive log level checks when constructing logs is expensive
METRON-2202 Add parameter validation for the stellar field validation functions
METRON-2197 Add debugging info output for Solr queries
METRON-2189 Optimize imports in mpack python scripts
METRON-2194 Update Ambari tooltip to specify single quotes for parser names with hyphens
METRON-2192 [UI] "All time" time range is broken on Alerts UI
METRON-2191 [UI] Checkbox selector on Alerts UI is broken
METRON-2130 [UI] Numeric steppers on the Management UI seems broken
METRON-2129 [UI] Clearing the search bar resets alert filter range to 'All Time'
METRON-2140 [UI] Implement logic behind show/hide RESOLVE and DISMISS items in Alerts UI
METRON-2176 Upgrade REST for HBase 2.0.2
METRON-2172 Solr Updates Not Tested in Integration Test
METRON-2185 Update Simple-Syslog dependency to fix error in Structured Data
METRON-2079 Fix documentation for installing Ansible for fulldev Centos 6
METRON-2175 Introduce HBase Connection Abstractions for HBase 2.0.2
METRON-2174 [UI] Grouped alerts total can differ from search alerts total
METRON-2161 [UI] CSS positioning bugs in Alerts and MGMT UI
METRON-2183 Update to Angular v7
METRON-2148 Stellar REST POST function
METRON-2150 [UI] User not able to filter by multiple values of the same field on Alerts UI
METRON-2168 Elasticsearch Updates Not Tested in Integration Test
METRON-2084 Add documentation notice for MacOS Mojave users for new security permissions
METRON-2061 Solr documents with date fields cannot be updated with Dao classes
METRON-2164 Remove the Split-Join Enrichment Topology
METRON-2166 FileFilterUtilTest.test_getPaths_leftEdge:116 expected:1 but was:2
METRON-2161 Ambari client exception occurred: No JSON object could be decoded
METRON-2155 Cache Maven in Travis CI Builds
METRON-2156 Remove Storm dependency from metron-hbase
METRON-2142 Install solar schema as metron user
METRON-1253 Manual pasting of timestamps into the timestamp picker
METRON-2073 Create in-memory use case for enrichment with map type and flatfile summarizer
METRON-2092 [UI] Config UI does not require you to set a grok timestamp field by default
METRON-2141 Cache REST API status update calls to the Storm UI
METRON-2102 [UI] Adding click-through navigation to Alerts table
METRON-2153 ParserIntegrationTest should print failed messages
METRON-2127 Update Maven repositories to https
METRON-2145 Clarify RPM build documentation
METRON-2083 Fix broken links in root metron README
METRON-2152 Add debug logging for when sensor batchTimeout exceeds the calculated maximum
METRON-2112 Normalize parser original_string handling
METRON-2087 Remove Storm dependency from metron-indexing
METRON-2128 LEEF config file is missing in RPM spec file
METRON-2143 Travis Build Fails to Download Maven
METRON-2123 Expand Stellar JOIN to work on all Iterables
METRON-2109 Add option to use Metron GUID as the id in Elasticsearch
METRON-2113 Update version to 0.7.2
METRON-1788 Batch profiler pull profile information from zookeeper
METRON-2118 Added a LEEF parser
METRON-2085 [UI] Alerts UI Details Pane: naming meta alerts is broken
METRON-2058 UI: Actions -> Add to Alert can still be selected from dropdown when no alerts are selected.
METRON-2107 Add architecture diagram item to PR checklist
METRON-1997 Replace Threat Triage Score Field Slider with Text Box
METRON-2111 Update public web site to point at 0.7.1 new release
METRON-2089 [UI] Adding loading state to Alerts details view
METRON-1989 Tooltip for ES mpack path_data is incorrect
METRON-2075 Site book build support for MacOS that has GNU sed installed
METRON-2106 Escalation topic setting in Ambari has no effect
METRON-2097 Install Metron MPack in Ambari
METRON-2100 Update developer documentation for full dev management UI parser aggregation feature gap
METRON-2018 Update prepare-commit to add Bro plugin tests
METRON-2093 Metron RC check script is outdated
METRON-2094 Create CentOS 7 Development Environment
METRON-2094 Create CentOS 7 Development Environment
METRON-2090 Full dev is failing with missing org.mortbay.jetty:jetty-util:jar:6.1.26.hwx dependency
METRON-2091 SimpleHBaseEnrichmentWriterTest should be included in tests
METRON-2078 Remove Storm dependency from metron-writer
METRON-2065 Setting Parser Output Topic in Sensor Config is broken
METRON-2067 Maven pom file duplicate dependency fixes
METRON-2074 Script to handle TGT renewal with Storm and Kerberos enabled
METRON-2082 Update the README document steps to run Batch Profiler
METRON-2006 Reenable JacoCo code coverage
METRON-2071 Add MAP_PUT and MAP_MERGE to Stellar
METRON-2014 Add architectural documentation for metron-writer
METRON-2026 Remove Storm dependency from metron-common
METRON-2062 Metron Alerts: Accidentally commited 'fdescribe' in unit tests
METRON-2050 Automatically populate a list of enrichments from HBase
METRON-2060 Improving Alerts table config pane
METRON-2064 Metron REST API overwriting global.json values
METRON-2066 Documentation and logging corrections
METRON-1654 findOne request after an alert patch returns with the original state of the alert item
METRON-2053 Refactor metron-enrichment to decouple Storm dependencies
METRON-2022 Metron rest creates large number of connections to ZK which causes subsequent connection to zk fail
METRON-2056 Support LDAP Bind Authentication
METRON-2039 Time range queries do not work with Solr
METRON-2052 [UI] Changing default query time range to 15 minutes
METRON-2051 Improve stellar-zeppelin documentation
METRON-2023 [UI] Covering Grok Parser Creation with Cypress tests
METRON-2046 IS_EMPTY stellar functions fails on empty map
METRON-2029 Configure Table should have filter
METRON-2032 Create summary table having list of stellar functions in README
METRON-2038 Enrichment Loader Fails When Run as MR Job
METRON-2035 Allow User to Configure Role Names for Access Control
METRON-2041 RegularExpressionsParser in wrong source folder
METRON-2036 Maven builds fail locally in HDFSWriterTest
METRON-2030 SensorParserGroupControllerIntegrationTest intermittent errors
METRON-2031 [UI] Turning off initial search request and polling by default on Alerts UI
METRON-2012 Unable to Execute Stellar Functions Against HBase in the REPL
METRON-1971 Short timeout value in Cypress may cause build failures
METRON-1940 Check if not and install Elastic search templates / Solr collections when indexing server is restarted
METRON-2019 Improve Metron REST Logging
METRON-2016 Parser aggregate groups should be persisted and available through REST
METRON-1987 Upgrade Alert UI to stable Bootstrap 4
METRON-1968 Messages are lost when a parser produces multiple messages and batch size is greater than 1
METRON-1778 Out-of-order timestamps may delay flush in Storm Profiler
METRON-1996 Solr search throws NPE for group search if the group parameter is null or empty
METRON-1944 Unable to Delete a Comment in Alerts UI
METRON-2010 Unable to Build Metron Due to Inaccessible Repository
METRON-1998 Only one sensor is flushed by tick tuple
METRON-2009 Address Javadoc checkstyle issues in metron-common
METRON-2005 Batch Writer writes 0-byte files to HDFS on rotation
METRON-2007 Management UI not loading grok statements correctly
METRON-1986 Batch Profiler Fails to Resolve Stats Stellar Functions
METRON-1993 Stellar REST_GET should handle responses when content length is less than zero
METRON-1999 Adding validation against special characters to parser name field
METRON-1985 Improve Error Handling When Cannot Connect to HBase
METRON-1974 Batch Profiler Should Handle Errant Profiles Better
METRON-1970 Add Metadata to Error Messages Generated During Parsing
METRON-1995 Arrow icon in date range selector moved to a wrong position
METRON-1973 Upgrade Alert UI's webpack-dev-server to 3.1.14
METRON-1948 Dropped messages from REGEX_SELECT parser field transformation are not acked in Storm
METRON-1969 Adding Cypress documentation to Alert UI's
METRON-1933 Improve build-utils helper scripts
METRON-1962 Make entering JDBC details in REST config to be optional
METRON-1929 Build GET_ASN Stellar function
METRON-1956 prepare-commit does not run all the tests it should
METRON-1965 Knox should work on a multi-node installation
METRON-1939 Update version to 0.7.1
METRON-685 Scores in Threat Triage should be a Stellar Statement
METRON-1963 Remove left over integration test from before refactoring
METRON-1945 Metron MPack support for Knox SSO setup
METRON-1878 Add Metron as a Knox service
METRON-1958 Optimize Cypress to use best practices
METRON-1957 5424 and 3164 parser configurations are packaged in wrong place
METRON-1955 Update metron SPEC file to include syslog 3164 parser
METRON-1893 Create a syslog 3164 parser
METRON-1954 Commit Script Fails to Extract Usernames with Numerals
METRON-1953 Stellar REPL Fails on Start
METRON-1941 Alert Escalation Not Consistent in Alerts UI
METRON-1951 Add site-book generation to Travis build
METRON-1934 Stellar should built without error prone messages
METRON-1950 Site-book generation broken in master
METRON-1936 Cypress fails when trying to parse double quotes
METRON-1815 Separate metron-parsers into metron-parsers-common and metron-parsers-storm
METRON-1932 Update ES and Kibana to 5.6.14
METRON-1938 Add Parser Debugger to READMEs
METRON-1925 Provide Verbose View of Profile Results in REPL
METRON-1795 General Purpose Regex Parser
METRON-1892 Parser Debugger Should Load Config From Zookeeper
METRON-1937 Update public web site to point at 0.7.0 new release
METRON-1879 Allow Elasticsearch to Auto-Generate the Document ID
METRON-1930 Update webpack-dev-server in Alerts UI
METRON-1849 Elasticsearch Index Write Functionality Should be Shared