Test Enrichment Topology Settings

While the parameters for the Enrichments topology should be modified via Ambari for persistence, there is a method by which the topologies can be started via the command line on the Metron node and parameters easily modified for testing. The commands below demonstrate how to create a copy of the Metron files for making changes quickly during testing.

  1. From the user’s home directory, execute the following commands:
    sudo cp /usr/hcp/current/metron/bin/start_enrichment_topology.sh ~
      sudo cp /usr/hcp/current/metron/config/enrichment.properties ~
      sed -i 's+$METRON_HOME/config/+/home/<user>/+g' ./start_enrichment_topology.sh
    While the product name has been rebranded to Cloudera Cybersecurity Platform (CCP), the product directories are still hcp.
  2. Now, the variables can be edited outside of Ambari via the following command:
    vi ~/enrichment.properties
  3. To start the topology with the new variables, you must execute the following command: