Changes to Supported Elasticsearch Properties Resulting from Migrating From Transport to REST Client

Cloudera Cybersecurity Platform (CCP) has migrated the Elasticsearch Java client from the Transport client to the new Java REST client. The motivation for this change is that TransportClient will be deprecated in Elasticsearch 7.0 and removed entirely in 8.0. This migration changes some of the supported properties. You will need to modify some of your Elasticsearch properties to support the new REST client.

The following table provides a mapping of the old Elasticsearch properties to the new supported properties.

Old Property New Property
client.transport.ping_timeout N/A
N/A connection.timeout.millis
N/A socket.timeout.millis
N/A max-retry.timeout.millis
N/A num.cient.connect.threads
es.client.class N/A
es.xpack.username xpack.username
es.xpack.password.file xpack.password.file ssl.enabled
xpack.ssl.key N/A
xpack.ssl.certificate N/A
xpack.ssl.certificate_authorities N/A
N/A keystore.type
keystore.path keystore.path
N/A keystore.password.file
Property Name Type Required? Default Value Description
connection.timeout.millis Integer No 1000 Sets connection timeout.
socket.timeout.millis Integer No 30000 Sets socket timeout.
max.retry.timeout.millis Integer No 30000 Sets the maximum timeout (in milliseconds) to honour in case of multiple retries of the same request.
num.client.connection.threads Integer No 1 Number of worker threads used by the connection manager. Defaults to Runtime.getRuntime().availableProcessors().
xpack.username String No null X-Pack username.
xpack.password.file String No null 1-line HDFS file where the X-Pack password is set.
ssl.enabled Boolean No false Turn on SSL connections.
keystore.type String No "jks" Allows you to specify a keystore type. See more details.
keystore.path String No null Path to the Trust Store that holds your Elasticsearch certificate authorities and certificate.
keystore.password.file String No null 1-line HDFS file where the keystore password is set.