Step 1. Assign the EnvironmentUser role

Assign the EnvironmentUser role to enable users to set their password and access the environment.

  1. From the Cloudera Management console, go to the Environments tab.
  2. Use the Search bar to find the environment.
  3. Click the environment name.
  4. Click Actions > Manage Access.
    The Access page appears.
  5. Locate the user and click Update Roles.
    The Update Resource Role page for the user appears.
  6. Check the EnvironmentUser option.
  7. Click Update Roles.
  8. Go back to the Environments tab and locate the environment.
  9. Click Actions > Synchronize Users to FreeIPA.
    The Sync Users window appears.
  10. Click Sync Users.
    This synchronizes the user to the FreeIPA identity management system to enable SSO.
The user is added to the environment and can access the environment and Flow Management clusters. You can now add the user or a group of users to Ranger policies that allow access to NiFi and NiFi Registry resources.
Complete the steps listed in Step 2. Add the user to pre-defined Ranger access policies.