NiFi patches

This release provides Apache NFi 1.11.4 and these additional Apache patches.

  • NIFI-7103 – PutAzureDataLakeStorageGen2 processor to provide native support for Azure Data lake Storage Gen 2 Storage
  • NIFI-7173
  • NIFI-7221 – Add support for protocol v2 and v3 with Schema Registry
  • NIFI-7257 – Add Hadoop-based DBCPConnectionPool
  • NIFI-7259 – DeleteAzureDataLakeStorage processor to provide native delete support for Azure Data lake Gen 2 Storage

  • NIFI-7269 – Solrj in nifi-solr-nar needs upgrade
  • NIFI-7278 – Kafka_consumer_2.0 sasl.mechanism SCRAM-SHA-512 not allowed
  • NIFI-7279 – When using a DetectDuplicate processor with a RedisDistributedMapCacheClientService cache service, if the Cache Entry Identifier is not in the cache and Cache The Entry Identifier is set to "false", a NullPointerException is thrown rather than the expected non-duplicate relationship.
  • NIFI-7281 – Using ListenTCPRecord and CsvReader produces an exception
  • NIFI-7286 – ListenTCPRecord does not release port when stopping or terminating while running
  • NIFI-7287 – Prometheus NAR missing dependency on SSL classes
  • NIFI-7294 – Flows with SolrProcessor configured to use SSLContextService are failing
  • NiFi-7314 – HandleHttpRequest should stop Jetty in OnUnscheduled instead of OnStopped
  • NiFi-7345 – Multiple entity is created in Atlas for one Hive table if table name contains uppercase characters

  • – ScriptedReportingTask gives a NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/nifi/metrics/jvm/JmxJvmMetrics
  • SHA-512