Give users access to your cluster

As an EnvironmentAdmin, you need provide access to users to your environment and to the Streaming Analytics cluster by assigning user roles, adding users to Ranger policies, and creating IDBroker mappings.

The cluster you have created using the Streaming Analytics cluster definition is kerberized and secured with SSL. Users can access cluster UIs and endpoints through a secure gateway powered by Apache Knox. Before you can begin analyzing data, you must provide users access to the Streaming Analytics cluster components.

  1. Assign the EnvironmentUser role to the users to grant access to the CDP environment and the Streaming Analytics cluster.
  2. Add the user to the appropriate predefined Ranger policies.
  3. Create IDBroker mapping.

    You must create IDBroker mapping for a user or group to have access to the S3 cloud storage. As a part of Knox, the IDBroker allows a user to exchange cluster authentication for temporary cloud credentials.