NiFi Toolkit Administrative Tools

In addition to tls-toolkit and encrypt-config, the NiFi Toolkit also contains command line utilities for administrators to support NiFi maintenance in standalone and clustered environments. These utilities include:

  • CLI - The cli tool enables administrators to interact with NiFi and NiFi Registry instances to automate tasks such as deploying versioned flows and managing process groups and cluster nodes.

  • File Manager - The file-manager tool enables administrators to backup, install or restore a NiFi installation from backup.

  • Flow Analyzer - The flow-analyzer tool produces a report that helps administrators understand the max amount of data which can be stored in backpressure for a given flow.

  • Node Manager - The node-manager tool enables administrators to perform status checks on nodes as well as the ability to connect, disconnect, or remove nodes from the cluster.

  • Notify - The notify tool enables administrators to send bulletins to the NiFi UI.

  • S2S - The s2s tool enables administrators to send data into or out of NiFi flows over site-to-site.

For more information about each utility, see the NiFi Toolkit Guide.