The S3BundlePersistenceProvider stores the content of extension bundles in a AWS S3 bucket. The bucket is expected to already exist and be accessible to the credentials provided to the persistence providcer.

The key of an extension bundle in the S3 bucket will be the following:


If an optional Key Prefix is specified, then that prefix will be applied to the beginning of the above key.


Qualified class name: org.apache.nifi.registry.aws.S3BundlePersistenceProvider




REQUIRED: The name of the S3 region where the bucket exists.

Bucket Name

REQUIRED: The name of an existing bucket to store extension bundles.

Key Prefix

An optional prefix that if specified will be added to the beginning of all S3 keys.

Credentials Provider

REQUIRED: Indicates how credentials will be provided, must be a value of DEFAULT_CHAIN or STATIC. DEFAULT_CHAIN will consider in order: Java system properties, environment variables, credential profiles (~/.aws/credentials). STATIC requires that Access Key and Secret Access Key be specified directly in this file.

Access Key

The access key to use when using STATIC credentials provider.

Secret Access Key

The secret access key to use when using STATIC credentials provider.

Endpoint URL

An optional URL that overrides the default AWS S3 endpoint URL. Set this when using an AWS S3 API compatible service hosted at a different URL.