4.58. VersionedFlowSnapshot

Name Description Schema

bucket optional

The bucket where the flow is locatedExample : "Bucket"


externalControllerServices optional

The information about controller services that exist outside this versioned flow, but are referenced by components within the versioned flow.Example : { "string" : "ExternalControllerServiceReference" }

< string, ExternalControllerServiceReference > map

flow optional

The flow this snapshot is forExample : "VersionedFlow"


flowContents required

The contents of the versioned flowExample : "VersionedProcessGroup"


flowEncodingVersion optional

The optional encoding version of the flow contents.Example : "string"


latest optional

Example : true


parameterContexts optional

The parameter contexts referenced by process groups in the flow contents. The mapping is from the name of the context to the context instance, and it is expected that any context in this map is referenced by at least one process group in this flow.Example : { "string" : "VersionedParameterContext" }

< string, VersionedParameterContext > map

snapshotMetadata required

The metadata for this snapshotExample : "VersionedFlowSnapshotMetadata"