Assigning a Parameter Context to a Process Group

For a component to reference a Parameter, its Process Group must first be assigned a Parameter Context. Once assigned, processors and controller services within that Process Group may only reference Parameters within that Parameter Context.

A Process Group can only be assigned one Parameter Context, while a given Parameter Context can be assigned to multiple Process Groups.

To assign a Parameter Context to a Process Group, click Configure, either from the Operate Palette or from the Process Group context menu.

In the Flow Configuration window, select the "General" tab. From the Process Group Parameter Context drop-down menu, select an existing Parameter Context or create a new one.

Select "Apply" to save the configuration changes. The Process Group context menu now includes a "Parameters" option which allows quick access to the Update Parameter Context window for the assigned Parameter Context.

If the Parameter Context for a Process Group is changed, all components that reference any Parameters in that Process Group will be stopped, validated, and restarted assuming the components were previously running and are still valid.