Restricted Controller Service Created in Process Group

Now, consider a second scenario where the controller service is created on the process group level.

Sys_admin creates a process group XYZ:

Sys_admin creates a KeytabCredentialsService controller service at the process group level:

The same GetFile and PutHDFS flow is created in the process group:

However, PutHDFS now references the process group level controller service:

Sys_admin saves the process group as a versioned flow.

Test_user changes the flow by removing the KeytabCredentialsService controller service. However, with this configuration, if test_user attempts to revert this change:

the revert is unsuccessful because test_user does not have the 'access keytab' permissions required by the KeytabCredentialService controller service:

Similarly, if test_user tries to import the XYZ versioned flow:

The import fails: