Fixed Issues in Streams Messaging

Review the list of Streams Messaging issues that are resolved in Cloudera DataFlow for Data Hub 7.2.12.


CDPD-26944: Kafka client entities with null or empty client ID are created in Atlas
Atlas entities with null or empty client ID are no longer created.
CDPD-24428: Topics created with the default replication factor and partition count are incorrectly propagated into Atlas
Topics created with the default replication factor and partition count are now propagated into Atlas with the correct replication factor and partition number.

Schema Registry

CDPD-28714: Schema should connect to all Kafka topics with the same name
When having multiple Kafka clusters, with the Schema Registry-Atlas plugin, schemas are connected to all topics with the same name as the schema.
CDPD-26574: SR - Remove the spring security dependency due to CVE-2021-22112, was used by kerberos basic authentication
Removed the dependency on spring-security due to CVE-2021-22112.
CDPD-25052: No active transaction is associated with the thread
Multiple entries of No active transaction in the logs made the logs difficult to read. The logs no longer contain multiple entries.
CDPD-17737: Fix misused exception handling of Schema Registry resources
Endpoint /api/v1/schemaregistry/schemas/versionsById/{versionId}/branch responds with 404 Not Found when a SchemaNotFoundException is thrown (and not 400 Bad Request).

Streams Messaging Manager

CDPD-27197: Handle requests when KafkaConnect client not defined

When KafkaConnect is not configured, all the associated endpoints (except /is-configured) returns 404.

Streams Replication Manager

CDPD-27662: The /remote-topics endpoint reports null source for topics
The SRM Service now properly fills the source field of the topic info provided on the /remote-topics endpoint.
CDPD-14019: SRM may automatically re-create deleted topics on source clusters
Deleted topics are no longer automatically re-created on source clusters.
OPSAPS-60823: Configuring the SRM Client's secure storage is mandatory for unsecured environments
The srm-control tool failed to run in an unsecured cluster. Unnecessary additional configs have been removed from the srm-control tool's configuration when it is used in an unsecured cluster.
OPSAPS-61001: Saving configuration changes for SRM is not possible
The SRM Client's Secure Storage Password property is no longer a mandatory property.

Cruise Control

OPSAPS-60810: Cruise Control script overrides security related properties added to Safety Valve
The issue regarding the Cruise Control script is resolved, the properties added to the Safety Valve are applied for the Cruise Control service.