What's New in Streams Messaging

Learn about the new Streams Messaging features in Cloudera DataFlow for Data Hub 7.2.12.


There are no new features for Kafka in this release.

Schema Registry

Schema Registry integration with Atlas
You can now enable the integration between Schema Registry and Atlas to view a version of a schema in Atlas.

Atlas serves as a metadata catalog that shows relationships between entities. Additionally, when Kafka is also integrated with Atlas you can connect Kafka topics and schemas.

For more information, see Integrating with Atlas.

Streams Messaging Manager

There are no new features for Streams Messaging Manager in this release.

Streams Replication Manager

SRM Service Multi Target Cluster Support
The SRM Service can now target and monitor multiple Kafka clusters. Previously, the Service could only target a single cluster. Targeting multiple clusters enables you to monitor multiple remote Kafka clusters using a single SRM deployment. Configuration is done in Cloudera Manager by adding multiple target Kafka cluster aliases to the Streams Replication Manager Service Target Cluster property. For more information, see Configuring the service role target cluster.
SRM Service Remote Querying [Technical Preview]
A new feature, Remote Querying, is introduced for the SRM Service. Remote Querying enables the SRM Service to query other, remote SRM Services and fetch the metrics gathered by the remote SRM Services. This allows users to monitor all replications of a deployment that has multiple instances of SRM with a single SRM Service. For more information, see Remote Querying and Configuring Remote Querying.
Auto topic creation is disabled by default on source clusters
A new Connector property, disable.source.topic.auto.creation, is introduced. This property controls whether auto topic creation is enabled for SRM’s internal consumers that fetch data from source clusters. This property is enabled by default meaning that auto topic creation is disabled by default. This property is not directly available for configuration in Cloudera Manager, and does not have a dedicated configuration entry on the UI. Instead, it can be configured through the Streams Replication Manager's Replication Configs Cloudera Manager property. Configuration is possible on a global or replication level.

Cruise Control

Cruise Control service is available in CDP Public Cloud

Cruise Control is supported in CDP Public Cloud and Streams Messaging cluster definitions. Beside its basic functionalities, Cruise Control in CDP Public Cloud enables you to scale your Kafka clusters based on your requirements.