Fixed Issues in Streaming Analytics

Review the list of Streaming Analytics issues that are resolved in Cloudera DataFlow for Data Hub 7.2.15.

CSA-4127: Upgrading Streaming Analytics clusters
The issue regarding the upgrade of Streaming Analytics clusters is fixed.

CSA-3742: Catalogs are not working due to expired Kerberos TGT
The issue regarding the expired Kerberos Ticket Granting Ticket (TGT) and catalog authentication has been fixed.

CSA-2729: DLQ topic is filled with unexpected results
The issue regarding not expected results written to the Dead Letter Queue (DLQ) topic is fixed.
CSA-2797: Materialized View breaks when reloading stopped SQL job
The issue about Materialized View failing when reloading a stopped SQL job has been fixed.
CSA-3308: Changing Primary Key for Materialized View without recreating table causes job failure
The issue regarding job failure when changing the primary key for Materialized View has been fixed.
CSA-3464: Overwriting new changes for SQL Job with edit
The issue about overwriting the changes of a SQL job when editing it on SQL Jobs tab is fixed.
CSA-3537: Catalogs are deleted after Streaming SQL Engine restart
The issue regarding catalogs being deleted after restarting the Streaming SQL Engine is fixed.


CSA-2547: Vulnerability issue for user impersonation
The vulnerability issue of using the doAs=other_user parameters is fixed. Users cannot be impersonated when using SPNEGO authentication.
CSA-2529: SQL query fails when consumer group is set for Kafka
The issue regarding failing SQL queries when a consumer group is set for Kafka has been fixed.
CSA-2559: Materialized View settings can be overwritten while running job
The issue of Materialized View settings are overwritten when submitting a new job with the same name has been fixed.