Importing a new flow into NiFi Registry

This procedure shows you how to import a brand new flow or a new version of a flow into a Registry instance.

  1. Create a new one or update the NiFi Registry CLI properties file that refers to the Registry of interest. Set your CLI session to refer to this NiFi Registry CLI properties file.
    For instructions, see Steps 4-6 in Connecting to NiFi Registry with NiFi Toolkit CLI.
  2. Create a new flow.
    john.doe@john bin % ./ registry create-flow -b 699ac53c-7be7-4082-8711-f9fff823826c -fd "This is the flow description" -fn "This is the flow name"

    where -b specifies the bucket ID in the Registry where you want to add the new flow, -fd specifies the description of the flow, and -fn specifies the name of the flow.

    This generates a flow ID for an empty flow with an initial version of 0.

  3. Import a flow definition to the Registry as version 1.
    john.doe@john bin % ./ registry import-flow-version -f b748827f-565f-4a69-8ce0-7218fcab35f4 -i dh_export_test.json

    where -f specifies the flow ID and -i specifies the name of the input file.

    For example:
    john.doe@john bin % ./ registry import-flow-version -f 7ce2fdaf9-bf81-43fa-846f-f38f6891be95 -i mytestflow.json