Fixed Issues in Streaming Analytics

Review the list of Streaming Analytics issues that are resolved in Cloudera DataFlow for Data Hub 7.2.16.

CSA-4413: Missing AWS library
The issue regarding the missing AWS library is fixed, SSB and Flink can be used in a RAZ-enabled environment.
CSA-4390: Missing flink-shaded-zookeeper-3 artifacts
The missing flink-shaded-zookeeper-3 artifacts have been added to the public artifact repository.
CSA-4378: Validating Kafka Data Source fails without security settings
The issue regarding the Kafka Data Source validation without truststore information is fixed.
CSA-4377: Improve masking information of credentials
The issue regarding credential information being visible is fixed.
CSA-4372: Allow Deletion is not synchronized with project
The issue about not synchronizing Allow Deletion setting with exporting a project is fixed.
CSA-4363: Production mode does not use clean session variables
The issue about production mode not using clean session variables is fixed.
CSA-4360: Activating an environment does not reload catalogs
The issue regarding registered catalogs with activated environment not showing up is fixed.
CSA-4356: Read-only jobs can be deleted
The issue about deleting read-only jobs is fixed, jobs can only be deleted when stopped and by only those who have the permission to delete them.
CSA-4355: Virtual Table tab keeps loading for views
The issue about continuous loading when opening views in the Virtual Table tab is fixed.
CSA-4354: Kudu lookup join fails
The issue regarding SSB jobs failing due to Kudu lookup join with string in WHERE clause is fixed.
CSA-4353: Editing DDL Kafka tables opens wizard
The issue about editing Kafka tables that were created using DDL and opening the configuration in wizard view is fixed.
CSA-4352: Schema is not shown in table view
The issue about missing schemas when opening virtual tables in table view is fixed.
CSA-4337: Materialized View link throws error
The issue regarding the error when opening a Materialized View query link after importing is fixed.
CSA-3886: Session timeout configuration is not enforced
The issue about session timeout configuration not being enforced is fixed.
CSA-3867: UDF case sensitivity
The issue regarding case sensitivity for UDFs is fixed.
CSA-3498: SSB fails with IllegalStateException
The issue regarding SSB crashing with exception is fixed.


CSA-2016: Deleting table from other teams
The issue about deleting is not possible from other teams is fixed.
CSA-1231: Big numbers are incorrectly represented on the Streaming SQL Console UI
The issue regarding incorrectly represented numbers on Streaming SQL Console is fixed.