What's New in Flow Management

Learn about the new Flow Management features in Cloudera DataFlow for Data Hub 7.2.16.

Flow Management DataHub in CDP 7.2.16 is based on Apache NiFi 1.18.0 and includes significant improvements and fixes. Here are the most important new features and improvements:
  • PutIceberg processor

    This release includes in Technical Preview a PutIceberg processor to ingest data using Iceberg table format.

  • Snowflake integration based on Snowpipe

    This release includes in Technical Preview a set of processors (GetSnowflakeIngestStatus, StartSnowflakeIngest, and PutSnowflakeInternalStage) to ingest data into Snowflake using Snowpipe.

  • SaaS processors

    This release includes a large range of new SaaS processors allowing you to interact with systems such as Workday, Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, HubSpot, or Airtable.

  • Registry client to connect to the Cloudera DataFlow Catalog

    It is now possible to configure a Registry client in NiFi to connect to a Cloudera DataFlow Catalog instance and to use it as a NiFi Registry for checking out versioned flows and versioning your flows.

  • Parameter Providers

    It is now possible to create Parameter Providers in the Controller Settings. This gives the ability to source values of parameters from external sources such as HashiCorp Vault, AWS Secrets Manager, or Databases. You can read more about this new feature in Using Parameter Providers.

  • Removed processors

    Two processors have been removed in this release: ExecuteFlumeSink and ExecuteFlumeSource.

If you have a Flow Management Data Hub cluster and you want to upgrade from CDP 7.2.9 or lower, some manual steps are required before starting the Data Hub OS upgrade process. For more information, see Performing a Data Hub OS upgrade.