Creating Machine User

You must create a dedicated service account called Machine User to use in the production environment. You create a Machine User in the Management Console with a unique name.

You must have created a Kafka cluster on CDP Public Cloud.

You can use your personal user account to connect to CDP for all the examples in this tutorial. However, in a production environment, you must create a dedicated service account to use ingestion processes or pipelines. So, instead of using your own account, this tutorial takes you through creating a service account.

Machine User is the CDP nomenclature for a service account. For more information on Machine User, see CDP machine user.

  1. Navigate to Management Console > User Management.
  2. Click Actions > Create Machine user.
  3. Enter a unique name for the user and click Create.
    After you create a machine user, you see a page like the following one with the user details.
Click Set Workload Password and follow the prompts to set a password for the Machine User. You can leave the Environment field empty.