Checking producer activity

You can also use Streams Messaging Manager (SMM) to check the activity generated by the producer on the Kafka cluster. Learn how to check the producer activity in SMM after you send data to a Kafka topic in Avro format.

You must have sent data to a Kafka topic in Avro format and checked the schema registration.
  1. Navigate to Management Console > Environments, and select the environment where your Kafka cluster is running.
  2. On the Data Hubs tab of your environment, select the Kafka cluster you created.
  3. Click Streams Messaging Manager on the Services pane to open the SMM web UI.
  4. On the SMM UI, click the Overview tab ().
  5. Click the Topics dynamic filter, type machine in the Search field, and select the checkbox next to the Name header to include all the filtered topics.
    You should be able to see the machine-data-avro topic and verify that it has some inbound activity (DATA IN > 0).
  6. The file sets the producer name with the property Find this producer from the list and click on it.
    All the partitions that are receiving data from the producer is displayed.
  7. Click on an empty part of the page to clear the consumer or producer selection, and then click the profile icon () for the machine-data-avro topic to open the topic page.
  8. Click the DATA EXPLORER tab.
    Because the data you are ingesting now is binary data (Avro serialization), you see that the message contents shown by SMM contain a lot of garbage:
    SMM integrates with Schema Registry and is able to decode the binary messages using the schema registered previously by the client.
  9. Click the Values drop-down for DESERIALIZER, and select the Avro format.
    SMM automatically retrieves the correct schema from the Schema Registry and deserializes the messages shown in SMM, showing them as JSON strings: