Using Flink CLI

You can use the Flink command line interface to operate, configure and maintain your Flink applications.

The Flink CLI works without requiring the user to always specify the YARN application ID when submitting commands to Flink jobs. Instead, the jobs are identified uniquely on the YARN cluster by their job IDs.

The following improvements are implemented for Flink CLI:
  • flink list: This command lists all the jobs on the YARN cluster by default, instead of listing the jobs of a single Flink cluster.
  • flink savepoint <jobId> and flink cancel <jobId>: The savepoint and cancel commands, along with the other single job commands, no longer require the -yId parameter, and work if you provide only the ID of the job.
  • flink run: You do not need to specify -m yarn-cluster, as it is included in the run command by default.