Using auto discovery of services

Using the auto discovery of services in SQL Stream Builder (SSB), you can easily connect to catalogs and data sources that are running on a different Data Hub cluster in the same CDP Public Cloud environment.

You can use the service discovery to automatically register Kafka, Schema Registry and Kudu with SSB within the same environment. This means when you have a Streams Messaging or Real-Time Data Mart cluster beside your Streaming Analytics cluster in your environment, you can use the auto discovery to automatically import the tables from both services. Using the auto discovery has the same result as manually adding the catalogs and providers: you can read from and write to Kafka, Schema Registry and Kudu. However, when you have numerous Kafka, Schema Registry and Kudu services in your environment, you do not have to add them one by one, instead you can use the service discovery to import them all at once.

For more information about manually adding data sources and catalogs, see the Registering Data providers in SSB section.

The auto discovery feature does not check the changes you make in your environment. This means that you can register the newly added services from your environment to SSB using the same process. However, when you delete the cluster from the environment, the already registered catalog and data sources are not removed from SSB, you need to manually delete them from the Streaming SQL Console.