Configure the processor for your data target

You can set up a data flow to move data into many locations. This example assumes that you are moving data into Apache HBase using PutHBaseRecord. If you are moving data into another location, review Getting Started with Apache NiFi for information about how to build a data flow, and about other data ingest processor options.

If you are moving data into HBase, PutHBaseRecord is the preferred HBase processor to use.

  1. Launch the Configure Processor window, by right-clicking the processor and selecting Configure.
  2. Click the Properties tab.
  3. Configure PutHBaseRecord with the required values.

    The following table includes a description and example values for the properties required to configure an ingest data flow into HBase. For a complete list of PutHBaseRecord, see the processor documentation.

    Property Description Value for ingest to HBase data flow
    Table name The name of the HBase table into which you want to put data. The format namespace:table should be used to get the correct data lineage in Atlas. default:customer
    Column family The column family to use when inserting data into HBase. customer_data
    Row Identifier Field Name Specifies the name of a record field whose value should be used as the row id for the given record. customer_id
    Record Reader Specifies the Controller Service to use for parsing incoming data and determining the data's schema RecordCustomerCSVReader
    HBase Client Service Specifies the Controller Service to use for accessing HBase. Select the Controller Service you configured in Configure the HBase client service.

Start your data flow.