Edge Management cluster layout

Learn about the layout, capacity, and components of the Edge Management cluster definitions in Technical Preview.

The Data Hub service includes a default cluster definition called Edge Flow Management Light Duty. The cluster definition is available for AWS, Azure, and GCP. You can use it in development, testing, or proof of concept scenarios.

The light duty cluster has the following specifications:
  • Single node with a single component: Edge Flow Manager (EFM) is co-located with Cloudera Manager, running on the management node
  • Instance types for the single node:
    • AWS: m5.2xlarge
    • Azure: D8_v3
    • GCE: e2-standard-8
  • Storage requirements:
    • AWS: 100 GB EBS
    • Azure 100 GB Standard_LRS
    • GCE: 100 GB PD-Standard