Fixed issues in Streaming Analytics

Review the list of Streaming Analytics issues that are resolved in Cloudera DataFlow for Data Hub 7.2.17.

CSA-4779: Backporting Apache Flink 1.16.2 fixes
The fixes included in the Apache Flink 1.16.2 version is backported. For more information about the list of issues fixed in Apache Flink 1.16.2, see the Apache Flink 1.16 Release Announcement.
FLINK-30966: Flink SQL IF FUNCTION logic error
The fix regarding the logic error in FLINK-30966 is backported

CSA-4030 - Webhook sending fails when webhook template is empty string
The issue about creating a webhook table when the template is empty is fixed.
CSA-4333 - Use Kafka Timestamps switch reflects invalid value
The issue about incorrect status of the Kafka Timestamp configuration when viewing DDL is fixed.
CSA-4370 - Virtual tables imported from a JSON Schema in a Schema Catalog fail to describe correctly
The issue regarding the describe error for Virtual Tables using JSON and Avro schemas is fixed.
CSA-4400 - Cannot delete invalid catalog
The issue regarding invalid catalogs can be registered, but cannot be deleted is fixed.
CSA-4412 - Cannot delete mv endpoint when it contains dynamic parameters
The issue regarding Materialized View endpoint cannot be deleted when using dynamic parameters is fixed.
CSA-4425 - Password in Kafka Data Source can be revealed after save
The issue regarding viewing the password after saving the Kafka Data Source is fixed.
CSA-4426 - Kafka Data Source name accepts spaces
The issue about accepting Kafka Data Sources with spaces in their name is fixed.
CSA-4427 - State of Execute and Stop options in Job context menu do not correspond the Job state
The issue regarding the invalid property in the upsert Kafka table template is fixed.
CSA-4428 - upsert-kafka template has an invalid property
The issue regarding the invalid property in the upsert Kafka table template is fixed.
CSA-4548 - Files cannot be uploaded through Swagger
The issue about the error when uploading files using REST API with Swagger is fixed.
CSA-4620 - Encryption for environment properties
The issue regarding encrypted environment properties is fixed.
CSA-4643 - flink-yarn-session is ignoring command line parameters
The issue regarding the ignored parameters that added to the flink-yarn-session in command line is fixed.
FLINK-18027 - ROW value constructor cannot deal with complex expressions
The fix regarding the Calcite error in FLINK-18027 is backported.