Gather configuration information

To produce data to and consume data from Kafka topics using schemas stored in the Schema Registry, you need to collect some configuration information such as the list of brokers and Schema Registry endpoint. You must also create TLS truststore.

Besides the Machine User name and password that you used in previous examples, you also need the following additional information to configure the client application:

  • Broker list

    Because the Kafka client application is a remote application running on your computer, you need to configure it with a list of brokers to which the application can connect.

  • Schema Registry endpoint

    You need to provide the application with the Schema Registry endpoint so that the application can store and retrieve schemas from it.

  • TLS truststore

    Because this is a remote application connecting to a secure CDP cluster, for which TLS encryption is enabled, you need to provide the client with a truststore that can be used to validate the cluster certificates to establish secure communication channels.