Configuring EBCDICRecordReader

Learn how to create and configure the EBCDICRecordReader controller service for your conversion dataflow.

Controller services provide shared services to be used by the processors in your dataflow. Configure the EBCDICRecordReader before building the NiFi dataflow to ensure that it is available during processor configuration.

The EBCDICRecordReader reads Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code (EBCDIC) encoded input data and outputs a record representation. It relies on a COBOL copybook schema that needs to be provided using the Copybook Path property. One instance of this controller service can handle one type of data described by the corresponding copybook.

Configure the EBCDICRecordReader controller service with the path to the COBOL copybook, allowing NiFi to interpret the Mainframe data correctly.

Example COBOL copybook file structure: