Create IDBroker mapping

You must create IDBroker mapping for a user or group to access cloud storage. As a part of Knox, the IDBroker allows a user to exchange cluster authentication for temporary cloud credentials. To enable your CDP user to utilize the central authentication features CDP provides and to exchange credentials for Google Cloud access tokens, you have to map your CDP user to the correct IAM role. Learn how you can create the IDBroker mapping for the PutHDFS processor for your data flow.

This task is only needed if you use the PutHDFS processor for accessing your GCS bucket.

You have to set the mapping between the CDP user that will be used in your NiFi flow and the GCP service account you created. In the Technical Preview, you can manage ID Broker mappings only using the CDP CLI.

Use the cdp environments set-id-broker-mappings command to set the mappings.
Configure controller services for your data flow.