Configure the processor for your data target

Learn how to configure a data target processor for the Kafka ingest data flow.

You can set up a data flow to move data to many locations. This example assumes that you are moving data to Apache Kafka. If you want to move data to a different location, see the other use cases in the Cloudera Data Flow for Data Hub library.

  1. Launch the Configure Processor window, by right-clicking the PublishKafka2RecordCDP processor and selecting Configure.

    A configuration dialog with the following tabs is displayed: Settings, Scheduling, Properties, and Comments.

  2. Configure the processor according to the behavior you expect in your data flow.
  3. When you have finished configuring the options you need, click Apply to save the changes.

    Make sure that you set all required properties, because you cannot start the processor until all mandatory properties are configured.

In this example data flow, we are writing data to Kafka. You can create the modified Kafka broker URLs using the broker hostnames and adding port :9093 to the end of each FQDN. You can find the hostnames on the Streams Messaging cluster overview page when selecting the Hardware tab.

The following properties are used for the PublishKafka2RecordCDP processor:

Table 1. PublishKafka2RecordCDP processor properties
Property Description Example value for ingest data flow

Kafka Brokers

Provide a comma-separated list of known Kafka Brokers.

In the format <host>:<port>.,,

Topic Name

Provide the name of the Kafka Topic to publish to.


Record Reader

Specify the Record Reader to use for incoming FlowFiles.


Record Writer

Specify the Record Writer to use in order to serialize the data before sending to Kafka.


Use Transactions

Specify whether or not NiFi should provide Transactional guarantees when communicating with Kafka.


Delivery Guarantee

Specify the requirement for guaranteeing that a message is sent to Kafka.

Guarantee Single Node Delivery

Security Protocol

Specify the protocol used to communicate with Kafka brokers.


SASL Mechanism

Specify the SASL mechanism to use for authentication.



Use your CDP workload username to set this Authentication property.



Use your CDP workload password to set this Authentication property. This will use the specified CDP user to authenticate against Kafka.

Make sure that this user has the correct permissions to write to the specified topic.


SSL Context Service

Specify the SSL Context Service to use for communicating with Kafka.

Use the pre-configured SSLContextProvider.

Default NiFi SSL Context Service

Your data flow is ready to ingest data into Kafka. You can now start the data flow.