Creating the basic Parameter Contexts

Follow these steps to set up your individual Parameter Contexts and add the relevant parameters to them.

  1. Create a Parameter Context for the common Kafka settings:
    1. Select Parameter Contexts from the top-right Global menu in the NiFi UI.
      The NiFi Parameter Contexts dialog opens.
    2. Click the (+) button in the top-right corner of the NiFi Parameter Contexts dialog to add a new Parameter Context.
    3. Add a name for your Parameter Context on the SETTINGS tab.
      In this example the name is Kafka.
    4. Switch to the PARAMETERS tab.
    5. Click the (+) button to add the parameters you need for configuring your data flow.
    6. Provide a name and a value in the Add Parameter dialog. You can also add a description of the parameter, if you want to.
      In this example, the following parameters are added:
      • Name: Kafka Brokers / Value: localhost:9092
      • Name: Kafka Group ID / Value: MyGroup
    7. Click APPLY to save the Parameter Context.
  2. Create the remaining Parameter Contexts by repeating sub-steps a to g of Step 1. Use the following names and values:
    Parameter Context Parameter Name Parameter Value
    GCP Cloud Storage GCP Project ID my-project
    GCP Bucket my-bucket
    S3 S3 Bucket my-bucket
    S3 Region us-west-2
    Site Properties Site Identifier 1234
    Site Data Manager MyDM
    Source ABC Kafka Topic source-abc-topic
    Source DEF Kafka Topic source-def-topic
You are ready with the individual Parameter Contexts that you will use to create your inheritance hierarchy. Your Parameter Contexts should look like this: