Create controller services for your data flow

Learn how you can create and configure controller services to provide shared services for the processors in your Solr ingest data flow. You will use these controller services later when you configure your processors.

For more information on controller services in NiFi, see Adding Controller Services for Data Flows.

  1. To add a controller service to your data flow, right-click the canvas and select Configure from the pop-up menu.
    You can see the Controller Services Configuration window for the process group you are in.
  2. Select the Controller Services tab.
  3. Click the + button to display the Add Controller Service dialog.
  4. Select the required controller service and click Add.
    For this use case, add the RecordReader and RecordWriter controller services to support record-based processing in your data flow.
  5. Perform any necessary controller service configuration tasks by clicking the Configure icon in the right-hand column.
  6. When you have finished configuring the options you need, save the changes by clicking Apply.
  7. Enable the controller service by clicking the Enable button (flash) in the far-right column of the Controller Services tab.
Configure the processors in your data flow.