Fixed issues in Streams Messaging

Review the list of Streams Messaging issues that are resolved in Cloudera DataFlow for Data Hub 7.2.18.


CDPD-62059: AvroConnectTranslator should handle null values in fromConnectData method
Fix possible NPE exception issues in connector tasks which operate with Avro data format using the Cloudera AvroConverter.

Apache patch information


Schema Registry

CDPD-56890: New schemas cannot be created following an upgrade
Schemas can be created again after an upgrade even if the latest version of the schema was deleted before the upgrade.
CDPD-58265: Schema Registry Client incorrectly applies SSL configuration
The Cloudera distributed Schema Registry Java client applies the SSL configurations correctly even with concurrent access in Jersey clients.
CDPD-49470: Schema Registry Client retries requests more than the configured maxAttempts when multiple URLs are used
The Cloudera distributed Schema Registry Java client handles each request as one attempt, and does not attempt more retries based on the number of Schema Registry server URLs anymore.
OPSAPS-68139: Schema Registry does not apply cluster wide Kerberos principal mapping by default
The Schema Registry Kerberos Name Rules property is now empty by default. Schema Registry now automatically applies the cluster-wide auth-to-local (ATL) rules by default. During an upgrade, the previously configured value is preserved. If you have been using the default or a custom value, you must manually clear the property following an upgrade to transition to the new default value.
CDPD-55381: Schema Registry issues authentication cookie for the authorized user, not for the authenticated one
Schema Registry authentication cookie contains the correct authenticated user, even if the authenticated and the authorized users are different. Authenticated and authorized users can be different in scenarios where Schema Registry is used behind Knox.
CDPD-60160: Schema Registry Atlas integration does not work with Oracle databases
The Schema Registry Atlas integration works correctly when Oracle is used as the database of Schema Registry.
CDPD-59015: Schema Registry does not create new versions of schemas even if the schema is changed
The new fingerprinting version introduced in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.18 solves this issue.
CDPD-58990: The getSortedSchemaVersions method should order by version number and not by schemaVersionId
Schemas are ordered correctly by their version number during validation instead of their ID number.
CDPD-58949: Schemas are deduplicated during import
Importing works correctly and Schema Registry does not deduplicate imported schema versions.

Streams Messaging Manager

CDPD-53437: Alert notification messages do not contain an alert cause
In some cases, the resources and the attributes of the resource that triggered the alert were not included in the alert message. Typically, this happened when the alert policy defined a WITH ANY clause. From now on, resources that trigger the alert are always included in the alert message.
OPSAPS-69481: Anchor links are broken on Knox enabled clusters
Links that appear on the Overview page when hovering over producers, consumers, or partitions are no longer broken on Knox-enabled clusters.

Streams Replication Manager

CDPD-60426: Configuration changes are lost following a rolling restart of the service
SRM no longer fails to apply configuration changes if it is restarted with a rolling restart.
OPSAPS-67772: SRM Service metrics processing fails when the noexec option is enabled for /tmp
The SRM Service Kafka Streams application now uses the Kafka Streams state directory to extract the RocksDB .so files.
OPSAPS-67738: SRM Service role's Remote Querying feature does not work when the noexec option is enabled for /tmp
The SRM service no longer adds Netty native libraries to /tmp by default. As a result, the Remote Querying feature of SRM no longer fails if the noexec option is enabled for the /tmp directory. In addition, the directory where the Netty native libraries are placed is now user configurable with the SRM Service Netty Native Working Dir property.
OPSAPS-67742: The SRM Service role fails to start if properties are added to Additional Configs For Streams Application Running Inside SRM Service
The SRM Service role no longer fails to start if properties are added to the Additional Configs For Streams Application Running Inside SRM Service configuration. It is also possible to configure the internal Kafka Streams application of the SRM Service role.

Cruise Control

CDPD-47616: Unable to initiate rebalance, number of valid windows (NumValidWindows) is zero
This issue has been fixed as the Cloudera Manager Metrics Reporter is deprecated from Cruise Control.
OPSAPS-68148: Cruise Control rack aware goal upgrade handler
As Cruise Control automatically overrides all occurrences of the deprecated RackAwareGoal with RackAwareDistributionGoal during upgrade, the customized values of the Cruise Control goals will remain the same and there is no need to manually provide the values after an upgrade.