Connecting to Kafka host

Learn how to connect to a Kafka host from the Management Console. You need to select the Kafka cluster you created, select a Kafka broker, and then connect to the broker host.

You must have created a Machine User account, granted environment access to the Machine User, created Kafka topics, and created Ranger policies.
  1. Navigate to Management Console > Environments, and select the environment where your Kafka cluster is running.
  2. On the Data Hubs tab of your environment, select the Kafka cluster you created.
  3. On the Kafka cluster page, click Hardware and select one of the Kafka brokers to run your producer test.
    Select and copy the full hostname of the broker.
  4. Using the SSH client of your preference, connect to the broker host using your CDP user and your workload password for authentication.
    For example, if connecting from a terminal, you can use:
    ssh [***YOUR_USER_NAME***]@[***BROKER_HOST_NAME***]