Flow Management cluster definitions

There are four Flow Management cluster definitions available to deploy Apache NiFi and Apache NiFi Registry in CDP Public Cloud. Before you select your cluster definition, it is useful to know your cloud provider and operational objective.

The following cluster definitions are available for Flow Management in CDP Public Cloud:

  • Flow Management Light Duty for AWS

  • Flow Management Light Duty for Azure

  • Flow Management Heavy Duty for AWS

  • Flow Management Heavy Duty for Azure

These cluster definitions support installing Flow Management clusters running Apache NiFi and Apache NiFi Registry.

Flow Management delivers high-scale data ingestion, transformation, and management to enterprises from any-to-any environment. It addresses key enterprise use cases such as data movement, continuous data ingestion, log data ingestion, and acquisition of all types of streaming data including social, mobile, clickstream, and IoT data.

Flow Management templates include a no-code data ingestion and management solution powered by Apache NiFi. With NiFi’s intuitive graphical interface and 300+ processors, Flow Management enables easy data ingestion and movement between CDP services, as well as 3rd party cloud services. NiFi Registry is automatically set up and provides a central place to manage versioned data flows.