Registering SSH keys

You learn how to register an existing Secure Shell (SSH) key pair. Registering the key pair of a user allows the user to access the cluster from the command line. RSA or ED25519 keys are supported.

You must have one of the following roles to complete this task:
  • EnvironmentAdmin
  • DataSteward
  • PowerUser
  1. Go to the root directory on your computer.
    For example, on Linux enter the change directory command:
    $ cd
  2. List hidden directories and files and look for the .ssh directory.
    For example, on Linux enter the following command:
    $ ls -ailg
  3. If you find an .ssh directory, list the files in it.
    $ cd .ssh
    $ ls
    Output might include a private and public key pair, such as the following pair:
  4. If you do not find a .ssh directory, skip the next step, and perform steps in the next topic, “Creating a new key pair”.
  5. Copy your SSH public key to the clipboard.
    For example, on Linux, enter the following command:
    pbcopy < ~/.ssh/
  6. In CDP One, click Profile.
  7. In Users, on the SSH tab, click Add SSH key.
  8. In Add SSH Public Key, click the SSH public key text box, and paste the contents of your clipboard.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Synchronize users to the environment.