CDP One: August 2022 Release Summary

CDP One Console

The CDP One console provides workflow-based access to CDP services. The CDP One console now features a pipeline filtering UI that enables you to filter your available services based on workflow pipeline stages, or display all services.

Supported Services

Additional services have been added for this release. Available services depend on what has been provisioned for you as part of your CDP One subscription, as well as your assigned user roles, but may include:

  • Ingest – Streams Messaging Manager (SMM), Schema Registry, NiFi, NiFi Registry
  • Query & Notebooks – Cloudera Machine Learning (CML) Projects, Applied ML Prototypes (AMPs), Hue
  • Security – Ranger Access Policies, Ranger Auditing, Manage Groups (Ranger requires the Security Admin role; Groups Management requires the Groups Admin role)
  • Monitor & Operate – Consumption UI (requires the Service Admin role), Monitor Applications, Monitor Workloads, Resource Manager, Spark History Server, YARN Queue Manager, YARN Job History Server
  • Third Party Connections – JDBC connections for Hive and Impala
  • Command Line – SSH connection string

Supported Cloud Providers

This release of CDP One supports the following cloud Providers.

  • AWS