CDP Patterns

What are CDP Patterns?

CDP Patterns are end-to-end product integrations, providing validated, reusable solution patterns that expedite delivery of your business use cases. They are intended to provide a reusable architecture for solving common problems.

CDP Patterns provide tested cross-component integration to support your operation objectives across the data life cycle, from data collection and ingestion to predictive analytics and visualizations. Patterns are intended to improve onboarding and time to value by simplifying user experience and technical documentation.

What problems do CDP Patterns solve?

Cloudera will provide patterns based on common customer use cases including the following:

  • Scalable Self-Service Analytics
  • Business Intelligence at Scale
  • Real Time Operational Insights
  • Machine Learning Exploration and Discovery
The information in these pages is released as part of CDP Patterns preview. Content may evolve as CDP Patterns are prepared for GA.