Exporting the Cluster Configuration

To create a cluster template, you begin by exporting the configuration from the source cluster. The cluster must be running and managed by Cloudera Manager.

  1. Any host templates you have created are used to export the configuration. If you do not want to use those templates in the new cluster, delete them. In Cloudera Manager, go to Hosts > Host Templates and click Delete next to the Host Template you want to delete.
  2. Delete any Host Templates created by the Cloudera Manager Installation Wizard. They typically have a name like Template - 1).
  3. Run the following command to download the JSON configuration file to a convenient location for editing:
    curl -u admin_username:admin_user_password
    "http://Cloudera Manager URL/api/v12/clusters/Cluster name/export" >
    For example:
    curl -u adminuser:adminpass "http://myCluster-1.myDomain.com:7180/api/v12/clusters/Cluster1/export" > myCluster1-template.json