Known Issues in Cloudera Manager 7.1.3

Cloudera bug OPSAPS-57524: Extra Installation step required for Ubuntu 18 with Ranger and Kudu
If you are installing Cloudera Manager on Ubuntu, and are planning to add the Kudu service to the cluster and are planning to enable Apache Ranger, run the following command on all cluster hosts before installing Cloudera Manager:
sudo apt-get install gettext-base
If you know in advance which hosts will be running the Kudu service roles, you only need to run this command on those hosts.
Cloudera bug: CDPD-15937: Ubuntu 18 Support
Schema Registry is not supported when using Ubuntu 18.
CDPD-13222: Apache Ranger Setup fails on existing cluster
If Apache Ranger was not added to the cluster during its initial creation you must use the following manual steps to add Apache Ranger:
  1. Log in to the Cloudera Manager Admin Console.
  2. Add a new Solr service.
  3. Set the value of the Solr configuration parameter ZooKeeper ZNode to solr-infra.
  4. Add the Apache Ranger service. When prompted, select the newly-created Solr service.

See Adding a Service.