Known Issues in Apache Oozie

This topic describes known issues and unsupported features for using Oozie in this release of Cloudera Runtime.

Oozie's limited Knox support

By default, Oozie does not work on a Knox enabled cluster as Knox is unable to replace the resource-manager property for Oozie.

Workaround: Oozie 5 contains a backward-compatibility implementation where users can continue to use the job-tracker property for specifying the resource-manager's address. This mode is enabled by default in Oozie and when Knox is installed, you must manually configure an additional property in Cloudera Manager to enable the same functionality in Knox.
  1. In Cloudera Manager, select the Knox service.
  2. Click the Configuration tab.
  3. Search for auto-discovery-advanced-configuration-cdp-proxy-api.
  4. Set as the value in the Knox Gateway Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for conf/ field.

    Wait until Cloudera Manager recognizes the stale configuration.

  5. Click the newly appeared Referesh button next to the Knox service and follow the on-screen instructions to restart/refresh Knox.

With this workaround, a limited Knox usage can be achieved in Oozie where the resource-manager property still does not work on a Knox enabled cluster, but you can acheieve the same behaviour through the job-tracker property.

Oozie jobs fail (gracefully) on secure YARN clusters when JobHistory server is down

If the JobHistory server is down on a YARN (MRv2) cluster, Oozie attempts to submit a job, by default, three times. If the job fails, Oozie automatically puts the workflow in a SUSPEND state.

Workaround: When the JobHistory server is running again, use the resume command to inform Oozie to continue the workflow from the point at which it left off.
Unsupported Feature
The following Oozie features are currently not supported in Cloudera Data Platform:
  • Non-support for Pig action (CDPD-1070)
  • Conditional coordinator input logic